Ahoy, Youth for ships!

Get ahead of the competition , find out what it takes to become part of a luxury yacht team

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Travelling across the world can be very expensive, why not work while you travel to exotic places? The recent popularity of cruise liners, yacht, boating jobs has sparked popularity among youth and hard-working individuals.

Not only do you earn tax-free, its also foreign currency. Employees generally save a vast portion of their income which is an added bonus. This is due to favorable employment conditions, where an employer may cover a portion of you living expenses.

Social openness and the ability to co-operate with people is vital. A person must be tolerant enough to accept the diversity of the local cultures. It can be quite challenging to get accepted into the cruise ship team. It is considered a difficult and lengthy process.

This involves finding the correct job description, appropriate wages, recruitment process, good CV & finally Visa / work permits. However, once all these components have been put in place and you get hired all the preparation would have been worth it!

With the growth of the cruise industry and Royal Caribbean building +5000 passenger ships, there is still a lot of opportunity available for careers out at sea. These jobs are not only limited to large commercial liners.  Even the smaller scale jobs, such as tourist sail boats can be found. These attendants earn €15 per hour!

Princess Cruises, Carnival cruises, Royal Caribbean, Costa cruises & MSC cruises all provide positions for work.

Get the guide to EASILY get you a job!

This insightful 170-page guide that shows you how to apply & acquire positions out at sea you didn’t know existed! Equip yourself with the skills you need to make your dream happen.

Travel the world, make new friends and secure your financial future today. What’s preventing you from getting out there and ‘landing’ the ideal job?

Click here to view Cruise Line salaries

Happy studying!

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